Speaking Engagements

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In-Person Events:

"Social Media for a Transparent Learning Community: A Panel Discussion"
"60 Apps in 60 Minutes: iOS, Web, DOE & Beyond!"
"Hack the DOE: Making It Work Even When You Thought You Couldn't"

April 15, 2014 - EduSlam.me Podcast
Appeared live on EduSlam.me broadcast discussing social media in elementary education

April 10, 2014 - LadyGeeks Podcast
Appeared live on LadyGeeks broadcast discussing social media in elementary education

March 30, 2014 - Techlandia Podcast

March 14-17, 2014 - ASCD Annual Conference

January 29-31,  2014 - FETC Annual Conference

November 24-26, 2013 - NYSCATE Annual Conference
Concurrent session: Social Media for School & Community Engagement

October 18, 2013 - Tech & Learning Magazine's TechForum 2013

"Your Technology Plan Isn't About Technology"
"Creating Your Technology Vision 101"
"60 Apps in 60 Minutes"
Event blog post (with related materials)

April 11, 2013 EdTech Teacher iPad Summit USA
Concurrent session: iPads for Administrators
session live blogged here

October 16, 2012 - Apple in the NYCDOE
Presented at the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) headquarters to members of the 
New York City Department of Education on the use of iPads & specific apps in schools (slide deck is 153 slides - for an abbreviated 53 slide deck click here)

Presented at a BOCES professional development day to educators from both Nassau & Suffolk Counties, on implementing iPads in schools

April 6, 2011 - Apple Store - 
Presented at the SoHo Apple Store to New York City Department of Education on the use of iPads & specific apps in schools

  • A New User's Guide to Using an iPad
  • A Basic Overview of the Danielson Framework for Evaluation
  • Going Google: On Overview of Google's iOS Apps
  • Techniques, Tips, and Tools for Managing a Computer Lab
  • Finding Online Resources and iPad Apps to Understand and Implement Common Core
  • Use Your iPad to Share Resources, Collaborate, and Eliminate Paperwork
  • Google Chrome: One of the Best Browsers for Educators
  • Stay Connected and Keep Your Privacy with Google Voice
  • How to Find the Best iPad App at the Best Price
  • Tips for Navigating the iOS App Store
  • Which iPad Browser if Right For You? - Going Beyond Safari
  • Digitize and Streamline Classroom Paperwork using Your iPad
  • Create Awesome Presentations on Your iPad! 
  • iPad Implementation: One School's Story 
  • Increase Classroom Mobility: Control Your Computer or IWB with Your iPad
  • Create Your Own eBook with iBooks Author
  • You Just Got an iPad: Now What?
  • iPad Apps for Administrator's Classroom Observations
  • Build a Class Website and Create a Class Identity
  • Using Your iPad to Break Free: Don’t Be Chained to Your Desktop Computer

Over 20 unique presentations with a total of over 53 webinars presented

All presentations slides available on Slideshare.net